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How Writing in a Journal Helps Depression

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 16:22

Find out how writing your thoughts in a journal can let you shift your perspective and help you manage the symptoms of depression.

Holiday Travel: How to Get Where You're Going (and Stay Well)

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 16:04

Planning to travel this season? Here's how to stay happy and healthy en route.

Cutting Table Salt Tied to Lower Heart Disease Risk

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 15:23

Researchers say their findings are good news because they suggest you don't have to cut out salt entirely to reduce your heart disease risk, just minimize adding extra to your plate.

A Purpose in Life Might Lengthen Your Life

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 14:09

A new study finds a greater sense of purpose was linked to a lower risk of premature death risk among people of all races and ethnicities.

Berry Good for You: Some Foods Can Strengthen Your Brain

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 14:04

New research suggests eating more berries and drinking tea may help slow mental decline as you age.

Past Discrimination Tied to Worse Recovery After Heart Attack

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 13:50

About one in three adults who survived a heart attack at a relatively young age say they have experienced discrimination, and the findings of a new study also showed that the experience was tied to worse recovery in the months afterward.

College Students Found Help in Personal Pandemic Stories

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 13:48

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard on everyone, especially during the early months of the lockdown. But college students had particularly high stress levels, with mental health effects that have remained in some people even 2 years later.

Is It Long COVID, or Dementia, or Both?

WebMD - Mon, 11/28/2022 - 12:44

Scientists are starting to confirm what doctors, patients, and their families can already see: Older patients who have had COVID-19 have a higher risk of getting dementia.

Struggling to Focus? Try Video Games

WebMD - Wed, 11/23/2022 - 11:36

You may know that video games can help kids with ADHD, but growing research suggests they could aid attention and working memory for just about everyone.

Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips for the Whole Family

WebMD - Wed, 11/23/2022 - 11:35

Here are tips to keep even the youngest members of the family safe during meal preparation.

A NY Hospital System Has a Big-Time Chef Making Big Changes

WebMD - Wed, 11/23/2022 - 09:28

From the moment you walk into the massive kitchen at Northern Westchester Hospital, you quickly realize that bland, processed food isn’t on the menu for patients at this hospital that’s part of the largest health care system in New York state.

Fauci Urges Americans 'One Last Time' to Get COVID Shots

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 17:44

Anthony Fauci, MD, stood at the White House press briefing podium “one last time” as he bid farewell to reporters on Tuesday ahead of stepping down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases next month.

Why Some Groups Vaccinate Less

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 16:38

Misinformation could lead to widening vaccine disparities in babies and toddlers. Here’s what parents need to know to protect their kids.

Keep Food Poisoning at Bay This Holiday Season

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 14:01

According to the CDC, about 48 million Americans get sick from food poisoning each year, causing 128,000 to be hospitalized and 3,000 to die.

Bacterial Infections to Blame for 1 in Every 8 Deaths Worldwide

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 13:55

A new report finds about 7.7 million people died in 2019 from infection with one of 33 common types of bacteria.

Tips to Navigating Thanksgiving Dinner If You Have Diabetes

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 13:51

Start the day by eating a healthy breakfast such as a frittata with lots of vegetables or Greek yogurt with nuts.

A Growing List of Musicians Sidelined Due to Long COVID

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 13:38

For many artists, it’s the elephant in the room they don’t want to talk about in an industry that depends on people being around one another.

Could This Computer Help You Beat Cancer?

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 13:01

Perhaps overshadowed by the widespread emergence of AI and virtual medicine, quantum computing is quietly poised to transform – down to the last atom – how we attack big problems like cancer and drug development.

Without Guidelines, Docs Make Their Own Long COVID Protocols

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 12:27

Treating the condition requires equal combinations of skill, experience, and intuition, and doctors waiting for guidelines have started cobbling together treatment plans designed to ease the worst symptoms.

A Day in My Life With Inoperable Lung Cancer

WebMD - Tue, 11/22/2022 - 11:40

A woman diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer recounts how she maintains the normalcy of her family and work life while also adjusting to the new normal of living with lung cancer.